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Cerney House Gardens is a romantic, secret place in the Cotswolds, near to Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. They are part of the home of the Angus family. Set around a Victorian walled garden, they are described by Country Living as "what most people aspire to in their gardens – and few achieve". The late Lady Angus and her daughter Barbara developed the garden over the years with a lot of help from nature itself. Barbara had little garden experience when they first arrived but luckily Lady Angus had. When they viewed the property it was the walled garden that they first fell in love with. This was in the summer and they fell in love all over again when the following spring bulbs erupted from all corners. 

Organic in approach plants tumble happily over each other and fill the air with perfume. There are signs of pests and diseases but butterflies and bees give their seal of approval and add to the feeling of a special place. Herbaceous borders are packed with old-fashioned favourites and surrounded by roses and companion climbers. There is a working Kitchen Garden that supplies family and friends. You can walk through the wild flower bank or the woodlands. 

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